MathJax support

One of the issue among scientific bloggers is the difficulty to input and show pretty math formulas on web page. I used to use third party equation editor to edit and insert into my post as picture. The appearance is not bad but it is not very convenient to switch between programs and whenever any mistake is found, I have to re-make the picture instead of modifying the existing one to correct it.

Recently, I found MathJax on stackexchange chemistry site and was impressed by the beautiful formulas it produced as text. With some research on it, I noticed MathJax is a javascript library which helps to format Latex/MathML/AsciiMath code to display pretty formulas in html. After some playing with it, I found it way better then the picture method in terms of both convenience and outcome. Latex can be hard coded or visually edited easily, and the biggest advantage is that it support the mhchem extension. With mhchem, chemical formula become so easy to be displayed in web pages.

Installation of MathJax is as easy as adding 3 lines of code to link the javascript file in the head section of any html file. With the js file linked, I simply changed all formula images to inline Latex codes and the result is terrific as you can see in the quick reference post.

Have not get chance to try mhchem and AsciiMath yet. They all looks very handy and worth to learn late.