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One of the issue among scientific bloggers is the difficulty to input and show pretty math formulas on web page. I used to use third party equation editor to edit and insert into my post as picture. The appearance is not bad but it is not very convenient to switch ...

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General chemistry I lab quick reference

Index of Formulas, equations, concepts involved in each lab

Textbook info:

Chemistry, a molecular approach, Nivaldo J Tro, 2nd ed.

Lab 1 Stoichiometry

  • Reaction stoichiometry - 4.2 p140-145
  • Limiting reactant - 4.3 p145-151
  • Balancing equation - p120-123

Lab 2 Measurement

  • Measurements - 1.7 p20-26
  • Precision and Accuracy - p25-26
  • Precision ...
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